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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine Tag & Card Revealed

I never get the time to post to my blog with work getting in the way and the fact that most of the time, I forget to take pictures of the things I make before I give them away.  I remembered to take a picture of the tag I made for the All Things Tim 'Red & White' swap and then the card version I made to give to my loved ones.
So, I made the heart myself after seeing the same thing at Archivers for an outrageous price.  I just cut two pieces of canvas and then broke out the sewing machine and ran a simple stitch around the edge.  To get it "ruffed" up on the edges, I put them in the washing machine in a little garment bag and ran it through the rinse cycle, then ran them through the dryer.  They came out exactly how I wanted them.  I then used a blending tool to add color to the edge and stamped Tim's Cupid on it, then attached them with a heart pin that I bought at least 5 years ago! (Everyting has a purpose sooner or later!)
I hope the people who received them, enjoyed them.


  1. Great job Michael. Love the canvas heart!
    Gail in Oklahoma

  2. Great Tag,
    What do you want for your Birthday?
    There's a blog award for you at my blog if you would like to pick it up

  3. the canvas heart look awesome and boy, did you go to some trouble to have them look like that! that's what i call passion :) love the finished look of both your pieces, such a romantic feel to it!

  4. Great work
    Have an awesome weekend